White Chicken Chili For 60 Folks

(2) onions, diced

(2) pounds of frozen corn

(6) cans of diced tomatoes and chilies (like Rotel)

(3) pounds dried beans, soaked overnight

(5) pounds boneless skinless chicken, chunked

Chicken Broth 

(6) 8 oz bricks of cream cheese

Salt to taste
The night before you make soup, rinse and sort the dried beans, leaving them in a pot of water overnight to soak. When you’re ready to make chili, sautee the diced onions for a few minutes in the bottom of a very large stockpot. When they’re golden, add your corn, beans, and canned tomatoes and green chilis. Fill the pot with stock until it comes about an inch over the chili and set it to a low boil. Stir frequently. Add the chicken after the beans are boiling. Stir the cream cheese in and melt it right when you take the soup off the heat. 

We love this chili. It’s friendly to lots of different palates and is so delicious and nourishing. Soaking the beans overnight is crucial — the chicken will be rubbery if you boil it all day. We used Rotel and chicken breasts in this particular meal because that’s what we had available; but we’ve used thighs and other kinds of spicy tomato dice (or made our own with fresh veg!).
Our friend the bean is a nutritional powerhouse here, as always — we used kidney and black beans, this time. Blood sugar stabilizing, fiber-rich, and filling beans are the backbone of the chili and the chicken just takes it over the top with amino acids and micronutrients. There’s tons of protein in this meal. It’s also hydrating and flavorful, and the cream cheese provides critical fat and calories, plus making it silky and delicious. Delicious, comforting food lowers stress levels and aids in overall health and wellness and everyone deserves it.
Stir this one frequently; it is heavier than most soups and needs a lot of love to make sure the beans don’t stick to the bottom of the pot and burn. 
The cream cheese should go in while the soup is hot, but not actively on the flame. They will melt slowly. Stir frequently to incorporate, but know that it doesn’t really come together until the last minute. It will be globby and runny and weird and then — poof — will all stir together into creamy chili magic. Don’t panic. 
This recipe will fit — but just barely — in a generous 12 quart stockpot. A 6 ounce ladle in a 16 ounce deli container is a good serving size and will net you around 60 servings. 

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