Red Cedar Community Network

Red Cedar Community Network is local to the Skykomish River Valley. We believe in our community’s strength, spirit, and ability to thrive. 
Our directive is to provide hot meals and creature comforts to everyone in our community who would like them — no barriers, no questions, no charge. 
We do this by home-cooking with love the fresh foods that are generously given to us by folks in our community, restaurants, and businesses. Our team of volunteers sorts foods, cooks meals, then packs, labels, and bring the meals out to share with our community. 
We prefer to accept help from our community via goods and time rather than cash. We will be launching a ko.fi soon where you can donate if you’d like, though, and we will use those funds to get items that can be hard to find (so far!) like travel size sunscreens for our hot weather comfort bags.

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